Friday, March 14, 2008

Thing 18: You Tube - Jeff Smtih - Bone

I checked out YouTube and was terrified by what kind of videos came up when I clicked the Education button on the left side of the screen. So I searched fiction authors instead of dealing with what kind of education the site was talking about. I found a lot of google author talk videos, but they were lengthy. I was scrolling through the different authors when I came across a few shorter videos about the Bone series of graphic novels and the author Jeff Smith. I was thrilled to have a chance to learn something about the author. The boys in the media center are blazing through the Bone series by Jeff Smith. I can hardly keep them on the shelf. I, however, am new to graphic novels. Last summer I ran the summer reading program with a theme base; one of the themes was graphic novels. I had to read at least one book from each theme so I chose to read the first Bone - Out from Boneville. I enjoyed it so much I am now preordering each new book in the series and my son and I have long discussions about who will get to read the new arrival first. They are offered from Scholastic, but you can find them in book stores too, they run on the high end for paperbacks, but are well worth it. I believe that I could use YouTube to add these kinds of interviews and such to the webpage and the students would love it.

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Kathy Martin said...

I liked your Bone clip from YouTube. How can we get the kids to find out about it?