Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thing 5: Mash ups

I really enjoyed the spell mash up - plan to use that one again. The rest of the top 10 mash ups - not so impressed. retrievr - I don't really get it. Tagnautica - blocked by the filter so I will try again at home. Captioner! - so very frustrated with this one - absolutely no directions, I need directions of some sort. I was successful in getting the caption onto a picture - although it would have been nice to be able to work with the balloon a bit (change sizes or direction), but I was unable to save it and then see the caption on the saved photo. I tried many times to put my captioned photo into a blog - but after 3 different photos and many, many attempts - sorry you all don't get to see the captioned photo. I looked at Flappr and think it might be worth looking into more if I had more photos on this computer to work with. I glanced at the other Mash ups, but didn't feel that any others would be useful to me.

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