Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing 44: The Economy

This thing is interesting - I have never been one to worry a lot about the economy - either you have money or you don't right? Well, I have never been burdened by an excess of money, so investing and watching stock trends has never been my thing.

What's going on? - - - I found to be a useful and helpful source. NEFE is one site I looked at, but didn't check it out too far.

Banking 2.0 - - - I looked at the various on-line banking sources, but already have my own on-line system set up, which I truly love having as a resource.

Ways to Save - - - I love the Feed the Pig site, I didn't even mind the talking pig.

Driving - - - I drive an old Jeep wrangler so fuel efficiency isn't a phrase I can use when I talk about my driving experiences, and I'm not in a position to or inclined to change my mode of transportation (although I do listen with a bit of jealously when my friend talks about 37 miles to the gallon). I checked out GasBuddy and though that was interesting - although it couldn't find gas prices for my area - no big deal, I get gas on a regular basis and already know what the price is - not that it would matter, if I have to drive (and I do) I have to get the gas regardless the price.

Cell phones - - - I checked out the various cell phones, but already have a plan - which never seems to be up.

General Pennypinching - - - Wisebread is a neat site.

Sell your stuff - - - I had heard of Craigslist, many people I know have used it. I didn't know about freecycle before this. They both seem like great sources. Many people I know have been very successful at using Ebay to sell items.

Shopping - - - Thrift Store Finder was a great idea! I do like thrift shops (I also like antique shops) so it was fun to look in various areas to see what kinds of shops were offered in the various towns that I spend or plan to spend time. I love to shop on-line and is one of my favorite places to go. If you are an on-line shopper, check it out.

Coupons - - - Fatwallet is very useful. I don't ever remember to clip the coupons from the newspaper and this site offers the ability to find coupons for the places you are already planning to go.

Self Sustainability - - - I have NO intention of ever raising chickens. It is the one creature that hasn't made it into my world - and it was a close call, Animal Science class and a daughter who loves all creatures....need I say more. I also skipped the gardening sites - I have a black thumb, I know it - it really doesn't bother me. I have a few house plants that struggle daily to stay upright and green - that is enough for me, a garden would be SUCH a bad idea. I have tried in the past...everything looks like a weed when it's small.

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