Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing 42: Music 2.0

I had used the internet music sources before, but it is not something that I think to use on a regular basis. I think that for some people these choices might well replace broadcast radio, but not for all people. I don't bring my computer with me everywhere I go and I don't use my cell phone for anything other than actually calling people, therefore nothing will replace broadcast radio for me. The stations that I have used: Pandora and Live 365 are both really easy to use and both make listening a pleasure. The one problem that I ran into was when not using the computer it would go to sleep - thus cutting off my music supply. I also have an affinity for sound coming from a larger source than my computer speakers - not that I have the music that loud - too old for that - but I just like more of a surround sound. I do know that some folks have their Pandora run through a surround sound speaker system in their homes and it works great for them. That is just something I haven't tried yet.

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