Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet Rebecca McKinnon ~~~ be sure to check these out!

Rebecca McKinnon has spent her life in a world filled with books. Her best friends include Bekka Cooper, Lady Katsa, Will Stanton and Ron Weasley. She currently lives near Salt Lake City with her husband, three kids and a cat. To learn more about Rebecca, visit

Annexed: The Refuge Trilogy: Book 1 by Rebecca McKinnon

Amazon Product Description:
Friends or family?
Desire or responsibility?
She thought she’d made her choice.

Now, finding herself trapped in a world splintered from her own, Narissa is determined to return home. Learning that the means of crossing between realities has been lost, she vows to find the elusive gateway.

Narissa doesn’t plan to make friends. She certainly doesn’t intend to fall in love.

Faced with the decision, will she choose the life she wants, or return to the world where she belongs?

Cantrip: The Refuge Trilogy: Book 2 by Rebecca McKinnon

Amazon Product Description:
She spent the summer in The Refuge.
Now, she’s come home.
Within days she realizes:
She wants back in.

Only two things stand in her way. The sister Narissa has protected for years can’t decide if she wants to go with her. And, of course, Narissa has no idea how to return to the splinter reality.

Complicating matters, Narissa discovers she can no longer avoid the problems her unexpected trip allowed her to escape.

Through it all, there’s one thing that keeps her going. She’s not the only person to have left The Refuge.

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