Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Giveaway Blitz

This Giveaway Blitz is presented by Bewitching Book Tours.
Welcome to The Wormhole and this Giveaway Blitz!
There are 2 prize packs and 5 e-books being given away.  Enter by filling out the form below!
In the prize packs:
 A print copy of 2MOS

A canvas bag
A Pavarti T-Shirt
A copy of Hush Hush in one Fallen in the other
Shadow on the Wall Collectible Magnet
Shadow on the Wall Note Cards
Fighting Monkey Press Note Pad
Shadow on the Wall promotional post card

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Thanks for stopping by The Wormhole!
Good luck in the giveaway and happy reading!


Nicole MacDonald said...

*mooch* sometimes it sucks being in NZ ;p I miss out on the cool comps! Good luck to all those entering :)

Pavarti said...

Nicole :) Check out the giveaway on my blog, there's an ebook prize back that requires no shipping! I hate to see anyone left out. Have a great day.

SiNn said...

ty for the chance!

Nicole MacDonald said...

Thanks Pav :)