Sunday, June 20, 2010

Super Amazing Contest!

You have to check out this contest!  Reggie at Undercover Book Lover (not really) is hosting and as you can see from the pic above - this is one you want to win!!! Okay really this is one I want to win!  But you can enter too!  Swing on over and sign up!


Kathy Martin said...

Great contest, isn't it? I entered a couple of days ago. My LibraryThing widget is flashing my whole To Read file. I don't think the mage one made it home for the summer. I only brought 4 milk crates home with me. I have been doing well but not quite keeping up with new arrivals. Happy reading! Do you have your list for Camp Read-a-Lot yet?

Beverly said...

I am beginning to wonder if I will get to Camp Read-a-lot. I have so many books that I want to read that aren't for that. I guess I just have to make the list and do it though because I did register. I like the program and I want it to be successful for them. Okay - enough guilting myself. I'll have a list soon.