Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 x 5 Challenge

The 6 x 5 Challenge is hosted by Mystee at A Moment with Mystee

This is a quarterly challenge.

1st: October 2010 -- 10.10-10.17

2nd: January 2011 -- Exact dates TBA

3rd: April 2011 -- Exact dates TBA

    4th: July 2011 -- Exact dates TBA

                            5th: October 2011 -- Exact dates TBA

During the dates, the goal is to drag out your reading pile and get caught up. Do you have reviews that need to get done? Books that you've really just wanted to sit and read? This is your chance.

Then for at least 5 of the listed dates {don't have to be in a row}, you set your goal to read 6 hours a day. You can post your daily updates on what you're reading and how many hours that you managed each day. Then when the challenge is over, you post up your final results. You do not have to manage to read 5 of the days nor do you have to manage the 6 hours each day, just do what you can. she decided on 5 days and 6 hours to try to make it so it was no pressure all around.

I am going to attempt this challenge!  I was unsuccessful at the 500-page book challenge in May because I just had too much to do for the end of the school year, but I think I can make this one fit in my schedule!  Books and reading dates will be listed later!

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