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Cover Reveal! Thereafter (Afterlife #2) by Terri Bruce (giveaway)

Nothing in life is free. Turns out, nothing in the afterlife is, either.

When recently-deceased Irene Dunphy decided to “follow the light,” she thought she’d end up in Heaven or Hell and her journey would be over.

Boy, was she wrong.

She soon finds that “the other side” isn’t a final destination but a kind of purgatory where billions of spirits are stuck, with no way to move forward or back. Even worse, deranged phantoms known as “Hungry Ghosts” stalk the dead, intent on destroying them. The only way out is for Irene to forget her life on earth—including the boy who risked everything to help her cross over—which she’s not about to do.

As Irene desperately searches for an alternative, help unexpectedly comes in the unlikeliest of forms: a twelfth-century Spanish knight and a nineteenth-century American cowboy. Even more surprising, one offers a chance for redemption; the other, love. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to have either if she can’t find a way to escape the hellish limbo where they’re all trapped.

The Wormhole Thereafter Excerpt

“Not another one!” she cried. She dropped her bag and took off at a run. “Hey!” she shouted, frantically motioning for the man to move away from the water. “Get away from there! Stop! Hey! Hey, you!”

The man turned, and his face was a mixture of surprise and confusion, which shifted to full-out astonishment as Irene barreled into him. Her momentum carried them sideways, and they landed in a spray of sand, safely away from the water’s edge, him on his back and her on top of him.

   About the Author
Terri Bruce has been making up adventure stories for as long as she can remember and won her first writing award when she was twelve. Like Anne Shirley, she prefers to make people cry rather than laugh, but is happy if she can do either. She produces fantasy and adventure stories from a haunted house in New England where she lives with her husband and three cats. Her second novel, Thereafter (Afterlife #2), was released June 1, 2013.
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Contest Information for Participants

Author Terri Bruce is celebrating the upcoming release of Thereafter, the second book in the Afterlife Series, with a scavenger hunt/giveaway! One Grand Prize winner will receive a set of 20” x 30” unframed cover art posters (1 each for Hereafter and Thereafter), signed by the author, and an eARC of Thereafter! Five first place winners will receive eARCs of Thereafter. Contest is open internationally. As a special bonus, everyone who enters the contest will receive, via email, a special sneak-peak excerpt of Thereafter, featuring Terri’s favorite scene!

Entering is simple:

1. Visit all fourteen stops participating in the Thereafter Cover Reveal Blog Tour

2. At each stop, there is an excerpt from Thereafter with a word highlighted in red

3. Collect all fourteen of these highlighted words and arrange them into a fourteen-word sentence that reveals a major plot point of Thereafter

4. Email the sentence and your name to

5. Then enter via Rafflecopter to confirm that you emailed in your contest entry

6. Additional bonus entries for joining Terri’s mailing list, tweeting about the giveaway, and shelving Thereafter on Goodreads will become available once you have completed the main entry

Good luck!

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THEREAFTER (Afterlife #2) Nothing in life is free. Turns out, nothing in the afterlife is, either. Coming June 1, 2013 from Eternal Press.
HEREAFTER (Afterlife #1)
a contemporary fantasy about life, death, and everything in between. Available everywhere books are sold.
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Author Terri Bruce
author of fantasy and science fiction stories with a literary bent
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