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Blog Tour: Broken Faith by Brandy Nacole

Welcome to The Wormhole and my stop on the tour.
(This Virtual book tour is presented by Reading Addiction Blog Tours).
It is with great pleasure that I bring you:
Brandy Nacole and Broken Faith.

Broken Faith
Brandy Nacole


This was it. The moment Heaven and Hell would clash. But which unearthly being would
win? The Fallen Angel or the Hell Hounds?

Overtaken by fear, I close my eyes.

Kayson is a Fallen Angel who has spent decades running from the Hell Hounds
while searching for something that no one else believes can be so, not even God. Kayson is
determined to find a Blood Child. But when a hound finds Kayson first, he is sure his end has
Falon, Alpha of the Hell Hounds, destroyer of the blood children, and devoted believer in
his master’s plan, is bound and determined to drag Kayson back to Hell with him.
Sabrina is a Vampire, a half-breed created from one of Lucifer’s original blood children.
After years of hiding, Sabrina’s fate changes when she finds Kayson barely alive. Against her
instincts, Sabrina saves him. Now she and Kayson are both marked by the Hell Hounds.
Emma is an ordinary human, whose only problem is making ends meet, and getting over
the hurt caused by her untrustworthy brother. Her everyday problems become supernatural ones
when she finds Kayson and Sabrina hiding in her parent’s backyard shed.
Kayson, Sabrina and Emma are unlikely allies, thrown together by chance to fight against
the most powerful creatures of the underworld in order to follow their world-changing quest.
But will the broken faith of one break the faith of all?

Brandy has stopped by for an interview:

? When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
When I was little. I wrote my first story when I was seven about a boy named Sam and
his pet alligator. From the time I realized what an author was, I wanted to be one.

? How many jobs did you have before you became a writer?
Oh man, the fun of the in and out job life. Between the age of 17 and 23, I bounced
between 8 different jobs.

? How long does it take you to write a book?
Depends on how much research I have to do, what’s going on in my life, and how
excited I am about the book. For a book I am really excited about, I can the rough draft
in 1 to 2 months.

? Where do you get your ideas or inspiration for your characters?
The inspiration behind Broken Faith came from two roadsides on my way home from
New York. After seeing the two signs, by the end of the 1,200 mile trip, I had the story
laid out in my mind.

? What are you reading right now?
I recently just finished Being Mrs. Dracula, which is a great read. Currently I am trying
to finish up Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

? What do you like to do when you are not writing?
I am an avid outdoors girl. I love hiking, swimming, sports, my jeep, photography, and
so much more. Let’s just say there’s never a time when I can’t find something fun to

? What is your favorite comfort food?
Ice Cream. Love me some ice cream, or better yet an M&M blast!

? What do you think makes a good story?
The characters. The best action packed story can lose its greatness if the characters
are not built up with different personalities that the readers can begin to see and

Fun random questions:
• dogs or cats?
• Coffee or tea?
• Dark or milk chocolate?
Milk Chocolate
• Rocks or flowers?
• Night or day?
• Favorite color?
• Crayons or markers?
• Pens or pencils?

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