Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Sonata by Blair McDowell

Sonata by Blair McDowell

Amazon Book Description:
A jewel heist… When renowned concert artist Sayuri McAllister returns to the west coast of Canada after an absence of five years, she discovers her family home has been a broken into and jewelry worth two million dollars is missing. Michael Donovan, Sayuri’s old high school flame, now a detective with the Vancouver Police Department, is the officer in charge of the case. What chance can he have… Michael takes one look at Sayuri and falls in love with her all over again. But they parted in anger years ago and Sayuri is no longer the innocent girl he once knew. What chance can there be for a Vancouver cop with someone as famous as Sayuri McAllister? Especially when that cop is investigating her family and friends? An unexpected marriage… Then Sayuri’s widowed father, Sean, marries Alyssa James, a woman Sayuri has never even met. The three live uneasily together in the Point Grey mansion until the unexpected arrival of Alyssa’s brother, Hugh James, a devastatingly handsome, charming Irishman who immediately begins a campaign to bed and wed the delicious and wealthy Sayuri. Things take a dangerous turn… Accidents begin to happen. Or are they accidents? Nothing is as it seems. Michael distrusts Hugh James and fears that Sayuri’s life may be in danger.

My thoughts:
This was a fantastic read.  Fast paced and well written.  The pages flew by.   I am a mystery reader and was worried at the start that it was going to be predictable, I am pleased to say that although it was not hard to figure out who the thief was, the story was captivating and entertaining.  

I enjoyed the characters very much.  They are crafted with great thought and detail.  You have to wonder why men like Michael Donovan don't really seem to exist.  Watching Alyssa change was wonderful.  The relationships are interesting.  I was so hoping for the ending to happen like it did.  As a fan of The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks and dogs in general, I was thrilled with Buttercup - the name though....

The plot was intriguing and well played.  I enjoyed all the twists and turns throughout the book and was thrilled with the way Sean and Alyssa's relationship ended up.  

Well worth the read.

I was given this book in exchange for participation in the virtual book tour and an honest review.

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