Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: A Bite's Tale: A Furry Fable by Veronica Blade

A Bite's Tale: a Furry Fable by Veronica Blade

Amazon Product Description:
A Cinderella who spends her nights as a wolf. A prince with a taste for blood. 

Seventeen year old Cydney struggles against her werewolf nature, trying to keep everyone around her safe. No way will she risk exposing the beast at the prince’s ball, no matter how her two cousins try to persuade her. As she attempts to carve out some semblance of a life, Cydney can’t forget the boy she loved three summers ago — or what she did to him after losing control. 

Turned into a vampire to save his life, the prince refuses to live up to his royal duties. He just wants to find the girl he loved and lost...the werewolf girl who bit him. But his father, the king, commands him to attend a ball where he must choose a wife. Can he find his Cinderella before he's forced to marry another? He doesn’t even have her real name, much less a glass slipper. 

My thoughts:  
     This was a fun twist to the Cinderella story of old.  Prince charming is a vampire.  Cinderella is a werewolf.  Of course there is a ball and that is where they will hook up - - - but the last time they saw each other she bit him!  I enjoyed the read very much.  The characters are nicely developed and easy to invest in.  Dunstan, the king's advisor, is my favorite character; I found myself seeing people I know in him.  The author has set her characters in a world where paranormal is normal and humans are the "odd man out" so to speak.  
     Well written, entertaining, and worth the read for certain.
I wish the story had been longer and am hoping to see more from Veronica Blade.  

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