Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: Christmas with a Vampire

Christmas with a Vampire: 

A Christmas Kiss\The Vampire Who Stole Christmas\Sundown\Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire\Unwrapped

Amazon Product Description:
Prepare for an exhilarating journey across the boundary of death into a shadowy, daring new world. As darkness falls on another year, five fanged rebels are ready to celebrate like never before.
It's a time for bloodlust and stolen kisses, for clandestine bites and forming new bonds beneath the mistletoe. Succumb to the forbidden as these powerful vampires give you a Christmas you'll never forget….
My thoughts: 
This was a great read!  I enjoyed each story very much.  I found myself falling in love with the characters from the start of each new story.  I kept thinking, "Oooh, this one is my favorite!" and then I would turn to the next one, fall in love with those characters and think that about that again.  
I love vampire stories but had never read anything by any of these authors so I was excited to read "new to me" authors.  (I am still trying to decide who I think is on the cover).  Each short story is an original, fairly powerful love story and are all well written.

A Christmas Kiss by Merline Lovelace: Great characters, twisty plot.
The Vampire Who Stole Christmas by Lori Devoti: Super great characters! Multifaceted theme - revenge, need, desire, self worth and the meaning of love.  
Sundown by Linda Winstead Jones: Great characters.  Connected with Abby (I've worked in the bar industry for over 20 years!) and fell in love with Leo.  New spin on vampire powers that was refreshing.  
Nothing Says Christmas Like a Vampire by Lisa Childs: Super story.  This one had me from the go.  Intriguing family ties, great characters and the invincibility of true love.  Don't miss it.
Unwrapped by Bonnie Vanak: Wonderful characters, new look at the vampire/werewolf battle.  Long lost love, opposing families, treachery,'s all here.  (and I LOVE the ugly doll bit!)
A must read for vampire fans!

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