Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cherished by Belinda Boring - - guest post!

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I am pleased to feature a guest post from Belinda Boring!
How Has My Life Changed Since Publishing?

Since releasing Without Mercy a few months ago, it’s interesting and exciting to see just how much my
life has changed. It was already in a state of movement but the results of publishing have definitely had
a lasting effect.

First and foremost, I’m happy. Simple enough but there’s great pleasure that comes when you follow a
dream through to its completion. I was always so adamant I wouldn’t write and share with others but
once I made the decision, it was goal I worked towards. You’re always inching towards it as a writer.
You’re constantly plotting and thinking about your characters, waiting for that moment when you can
finally say “Here it is. It’s ready.” There’s a lot that goes into publishing a book – whether it’s a short
story or full length but the satisfaction is the same. I’m glad I took the risk because it’s brought so many
experiences into my life I would’ve missed out on.

I asked my husband what he thought and the first thing he said was my confidence. It’s scary creating
something, investing pieces of yourself and then sending it out into the world to be judged. Publishing
makes a writer vulnerable and you definitely need to have a thick skin sometimes. But again, there’s the
satisfaction you’ve contributed something to the world and you’ve entertained someone. Not everyone
will love your work but knowing you’ve done your best is enough. I’m so grateful for the positive
response I’ve received for the Mystic Wolves series. It’s built my confidence as an author and helps
move me forward.

With publishing, another major change is I’ve had to reevaluate my time because I love writing. I have
so many story ideas and plans but not enough time in the day. It’s taught me to prioritize and realize
that I can’t be Super Woman anymore. There’s a time and season for everything, what worked before
might not be best for me and my career now. It’s helped me look at myself and realize what’s important.
At this point in my life, I enjoy writing and it’s where I want my focus so I’ve learned to be flexible and
adapt. Definitely some great life lessons and all while I’m following my passion.

And of course, I’m constantly thinking now. Plotting and planning my next move, my next character,
my next book. Writing forces you to become disciplined, something I still struggle with. It helps though
when I read reviews from readers who have loved Without Mercy and Cherished. Or I get messages
begging for the next installment. It feels good and you can never have too many of those moments.

So, to answer your question? Everything changed. I changed but I’m so glad I did it. Never be afraid to
reach for your dreams and follow your passion. Don’t ever let fear or naysayers hold you back. Surround
yourself with the best of people, those who love and support you and go for it. Because even though
change is hard, the results make it all worth it!

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