Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Born of Blood by Sherry Ficklin

Born of Blood by Sherry Ficklin

***I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Product Description:
Sophie D'Angelo reluctantly takes over the Palmetto Moon Detective Agency in Charleston. Though she's the third generation proprietor she had different plans until her father passed away and left her the family business. And it seems like all Sophie's plans fail lately. Her fiance, Eric, is turned into a vampire on the eve of their wedding. She now has a business partner rather than a life partner--or so she thinks.

Their current case seems like the act of some random arson, but as usual Sophie lands in a tough spot--bound with duct tape in the closet of a burning building. Will she escape and manage to save Eric who is slumped beside her, drugged and vulnerable to little else but fire? Will she maintain a strictly business relationship with her former love, and what part in this ongoing horror story will Rayne, leader of the vampires, play in her case? What part might he play in her personal life? Read Born of Blood, the premier book in the edgy Palmetto Moon horror series to find out. Coming in October, 2011 from Tell-Tale Publishing Group.

My thoughts:
     I am a Sherry Ficklin fan.  I have read and reviewed two other books by her, Foresight and Secondsight.  Because I already love the Gods of Fate series, I opened this book with an expectation that I don't experience when reading a new author.  The expectation was great characters set in a well developed world bringing me a story that I wouldn't want to put down!
     I was thrilled to once again find THAT story!  
The characters are great!  Sophie is fabulous.  She is all about duty, family, sacrifice and doing the right thing for the right reasons.  Eric is wonderful.  He is just the right mix of good and bad boy to make you fall for him.  Tyger is that element that we all have lurking.  Rayne is a whole lot of WOW that makes you wonder which one you would choose if they were real.  Sophie's family is an interesting mix and then there is Mercy - what can I say - you're supposed to not like her.... 
     I like how the "real" world is mixed with the paranormal world, with the mixed emotions and reactions from the people in the story, I found the setting to be believable and well developed.  
   The story itself moves quickly and the plot is thought out and planned to keep the reader reading and enjoying every word.  A great first look at the Palmeto Moon Detective Agency!  I can't wait for more from this series!

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Great Review! I just love the sound of this one!!! Glad you enjoyed it!