Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Menage a Blog!!! Every comment wins a book - loads of other prizes too!

Lacey Weatherford official site is HERE!
Lacey says, "YAY! You’re here!  This is the place where the MAGIC is happening! Let’s have some FUN!"

For this ONE day every single commenter 
will get a free copy of the ebook The Trouble with Spells.
You can read my review for this AMAZING story by clicking HERE.

How do you get prizes?
Comment here at The Wormhole and win your free ebook,
The Trouble With Spells!
***VALID email address and Name/alias in comment please.
then (This is the biggie!!):
Go to Lacey's site 
and enter her personal GRAND PRIZE giveaway 
by picking your favorite review from her list of sponsors (pick ME, pick ME)
 in the sidebar  and comment on their site with the phrase,
“Hot warlocks rock my world!” 

(Giveaway basket details: Theme: “A Night IN with Vance Mangum!”  Pamper yourself with awesome bath/spa products, candlelight, and relaxing music!  Then slip into your comfy "Vance Kiss" t-shirt (logo pictured in banner) and cuddle up with ebooks 1-4 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series while devouring decadent hand dipped chocolates.  Oh ... and it comes with a personalized, signed picture from the ever-so-hot actor, Matt Lanter, who is the muse for Vance Mangum? Yep, it's true!  The photo will be delivered straight from Matt to you!) It's seriously "Vance in a basket!
What more could you want?

Matt Lanter is currently starring as
Liam court on 9O21O, Anakin Skywalker
on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and in the
soon-to-be released movie, Liars All. You
can see all of Matt's film credits on IMBD.
You can follow Matt on Twitter.
and there's more...
Get extra entries every time you Tweet, Facebook, or blog this! “Today Only! Win free ebooks and a signed pic of HOT actor #MattLanter! #Muse #MenageABlog (url) then leave the details of your posts the comments on Lacey's site!
EVERY relevant comment you make counts as an entry toward the overall Grand Prize…the KINDLE!  
So #ChattingItUp big time can make you a winner! 

P.S. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to leave your email address with your comment so Lacey can send you your free ebook, or contact you about winning the Grand Prize! Also, if you have trouble commenting with Google, remember you can still use OpenID or Anonymous to post your comment too! Just tell her who you are so she can visit with you! 

Be sure to 
stop by Lacey's!
Answer her question and WIN WIN WIN!


xlacrimax said...

OMG! This is awesome! *clap*
And I liked your review of The Trouble With Spells, so this is a double awesomeness, because I'll actually get to read not only the review, but the book, too ^^

Steph: Short and Sweet said...
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Steph: Short and Sweet said...

Omg this is probably the most exciting giveaway I've ever seen! haha can't wait to read it! Thanks so much :)

neer said...

OMG. Really something! Just read your review. The book sounds like fun. Would love to read it.


Stephanie said...

Really? :D I read your review! Sounds really good!! :D


Bwyatt said...

WOW! Awesome! Thanks for being a part of this. The review really makes it worth a read.

Nikki said...

Wow what a great giveaway!!! thanks!!!

Bookwyrm369 said...

Sounds like a great book :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

smaccall AT comcast.net

debbie said...

I would love to read this book, it sounds really good.

Diana said...

“Hot warlocks rock my world!”

Thank you very much!

artgiote at gmail dot com

janhvi said...

wow!this is so cool!
thank you so much!!

GFC-Janhvi Jagtap

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

Suz said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

susanw28 (at) mindspring (dot) com

janhvi said...

hey again!

“Hot warlocks rock my world!”

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

Elenariel said...

Thank you for your review, I think I'll shortly join you in the Hot warlocks rock my world! club!

arielkuran at gmail dot com

Nikki said...

While Hot warlocks were rocking my world I picked you!! LOL

LMWeatherford said...

Hi everyone!! Thanks for coming to check out the FABULOUS BEVERLY...awesome reviewer extraordinaire! #LOVEHER Hope you are all enjoying the Menage A Blog!!

melora said...

I love these kind of tours, they're a lot of fun!

Hot warlocks rock my world!

melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

Maria (pronounced Mariah) said...

Wow! What fun...now if work would slow down so I can browse around some more!


fairypenguin said...

Wow, what a clever give-away. very nice/

mbreakfield said...

“Hot warlocks rock my world!”

Belinda said...

Hey Bev! You totally ROCK! I love that Vance is stealing hearts left, right and center *swoon* The guy has owned mine for over a year and he just keeps getting better.


Hope everyone enjoys the book!

Denise Z said...

Is this fun or what Warlocks Rock My World - I love these tours and this author is lovely. I think the series sounds awesome and I am having chuckles all over the blogosphere:)


Mara said...

Short and sweet:
“Hot warlocks rock my world!”
marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

missyebookmail said...

“Hot warlocks rock my world!”
Love the review.
missyebookmail AT mediacombb DOT net

Calico Crazy said...

Got to love Lacey, Vance, The Trouble with Spells, and Matt! Hot warlocks rock my world!

Ellen Elizabeth said...

Hi! I hope it's not too late! My name is Ellen Trieu and I look forward to reading this book! Thank you for this giveaway! (:


Ellen Elizabeth said...

"Hot warlocks rock my world!" (:


Teresa K. said...

I'm really enjoying reading the reviews on this book. That's why "Hot warlocks rock my world!" Also that is why I say "KISS ME, VANCE!"

I have this book already thank you and can't wait to start it.

Teresa K.