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Blog Tour: Better Than 8 by Erin Jamison

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Today I am pleased to feature: Erin Jamison and her book,
Better Than 8 Fantasy!

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a book excerpt for your reading pleasure!

From Chapter One:
"How long has it been, Amara?" my girlfriend Stacey asked.  Then she continued without waiting for a reply. "Let's see...the last man I heard about wanted to be your maintenance man while keeping his main squeeze. What was his name?"
     "Adrian, I think..." Nicole chimed in waggling her eyebrows. "And you know everybody needs a maintenance man... to you know... maintain certain areas."
     Chuckling along with the rest of my friends, I looked around my living room at them.  All four of them were in relationships, save me. It ad been four years since I'd been with Adrian, since he'd gotten married.
     I looked around my living room at my four girl friends. We had all been friends it seemed like forever but in reality, it had only been six years. They were all the sisters I never knew I wanted and never had until now.
     We had all worked together in one capacity or another. There were many friends I would say were associates or friend, the term used loosely. These girls, though, I loved.
     There was Nicole aka Nikki, the party planner. The very one that had planned this little girls night we sometimes had on Sunday nights at my cozy two-story Tudor house not far from downtown Mountain View, an hour south of San Francisco. Nikki was the youngest of my friends. She was half white, half Mexican, 26 years old, tan, shorter than five feet tall, and a brunette, usually.
     Then there was Vanessa aka Nessa. Nessa was brown skinned, 28, big brown eyes, with a mischievous sense of humor. She was also the whitest black girl I had ever known.
     Then Stacey, the red headed, stubborn, "I ain't taking no shit off nobody" kinda girl. She was 40 and a long way away from mellowing out. 
     Last but not least was Charlene aka Charlie. Charlie was the quick-witted, 30-year-old, strawberry blond shit talker.
     I felt my face heat up at the mention of Adrian as I gathered the dishes off the table and took them into the kitchen. I grabbed the strawberry cheesecake. On my way back I passed by the floor-to-ceiling hallway mirror and paused. My cheeks were flaming from all the talk about Adrian. My skin was naturally all peaches. I had long dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, petite nose, and a full lush mouth. I was cute and curvy. I could admit that to myself.
     After four years of being single, I had trouble explaining to myself why me, 35-year-old Amara Simmons, why I was still alone. Except that Adrian had burned me bad.
     "Mmmmmm," Nessa hummed as she bit into the strawberry cheesecake I had served. "I swear I don't understand why you're still single." I shrugged.
     She continued. "I mean your're gorgeous, small waist, full breasted, phat ass: for a white girl. can cook. Hell, I'd marry you simply so I can have cheesecake!"
     Amid a chorus of laughter and the clink of wine glasses lifted in agreement with Nessa's statement echoing my own thoughts, I offered a suggestion. "I simply haven't met the right one." 

A Brief Overview of "Better Than 8: Fantasy"
"Better Than 8: Fantasy" is a series of romance and dating novels written by Erin Jamison. There will be 8 books in the series, with each one focusing on a different aspect of romance, love, and relationships. These books are packed full of exciting stories chronicling a journey to find true love in the rocky and tumultuous dating world.
Several Ways to Enjoy "Better Than 8: Fantasy"
Erin Jamison's book series is available in two different formats: paperback books and online e-books. Call or e-mail author Erin Jamison to place an order in the format you prefer.
A Controversial Story of Love and Intrigue
"Better Than 8: Fantasy" has been praised as a controversial and engaging piece of literature that highlights the mysterious nature of online dating. If you have dabbled in the world of online romance before, this book will provide you with a brand new perspective.
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