Sunday, April 3, 2011

Month End Wrap Up ~ Where did March go?

March 2011 - Wrap Up!!!
Wow! I thought February was the shortest month - but March just flew by!!!
I am thrilled to say that this month I actually reviewed each book I read!  Not common for me - I always seem to be behind (I still have reviews waiting to be written, but NOT from March!)

Read and Reviewed here at the Wormhole:
The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason - review here
Gunnar: Hurricane Horse by Judy Andrekson - review here
The Darkest Fire by Gena Showalter - review here
The Adventures of Sir Gawain the True by Gerald Morris - review here
The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford - reviewed here
The Demon Kiss by Lacey Weatherford - reviewed here
The Blood of the White Witch by Lacey Weatherford - reviewed here
Phantom Evil by Heather Graham - reviewed here
Wilder's Mate: Bloodhounds #1 by Moira Rogers - reviewed here
The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton - reviewed here

Click on the words reviewed here to go to the book review!


Donna said...

Don't complain about March zipping by! It only means we're that much closer to summer!

fredamans said...

I agree with Donna.
Happy April reading!