Monday, January 3, 2011

Hi, My name is Beverly and I'm a Reading Challenge Addict!

I have just joined yet another challenge - this one is different though - it's a challenge to track and complete challenges!  It is being held by Gina at Hott Books and Cheryl at CMash Loves to Read.
The challenges I have entered so far for this year are:
2011 Fantasy Readig Challenge
2011 Kick Ass Heroine Challenge
2011 Debut Author Challenge
2011 E-Book Challenge
2011 Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge
2011 Paranormal Romance Challenge
2011 New Author Challenge
Steampunk Challenge
2011 Shifter Challenge
100+ Reading Challenge
100 Books in 2011 Challenge
2011 YA Reading Challenge
2011 TBR Reading Challenge
2011 Awesome Author Challenge
2011 Vampire Challenge
2011 A-Z Challenge
Lords of the Underworld Challenge
I have each challenge listed on my sidebar and will be posting books read and review links there!


Melissa said...

Holy heck! That's a lot of challenges! I haven't signed up for any haha good luck on all of yours! :)

Hott Books - Gina said...

Yeah, Bev!!
It's so nice to see that we're not alone!!
Good luck we'll be keeping an eye on you!!

CMash said...

Welcome to the club!!!! There wasn't any Challenge Addicts Anon chapters in our areas so we decided to start one lol. Stop by often, especially if you hear of other challenges!!

Christine said...

Hi Beverly! I just found your blog from Gina & CMash's Challenge Addict Challenge... which I'll be joining as well. Nice to meet you! :)

You've got quite a list of challenges there! So many awesome ones, too!!! I'm seriously tempted to join five more after seeing the ones you've got listed here! Sheesh... somebody stop me!!! Ack! LOL

Oh but the button for the 2011 Fantasy Reading Challenge is GORGEOUS! I want to join that one just to have that pretty graphic on my blog. Man, I'm shallow. LOL!

Happy reading and good luck to you!

Bev Hankins said...

Must be something about having the name Beverly. I am signed up for twelve challenges myself (and currently fighting the urge to give in to three more--will probably wind up caving)!

Good luck with all your challenges!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

I'm NOT going to look at your challenges .. I'm not .. well, maybe just a peek :)

I'm participating in the BBRC and in a Steampunk challenge as well. I probably should participate in the eBook challenge, as I have quite a few ... hmmmmm

Oh! And if you can't tell, I'm participating in the addict challenge as well!