Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mini Review: Moira Rogers - Down and Dirty Series

I love Moira Rogers books - just wanted to start my post with that statement, because I didn't love this mini-series.  They are short novellas and although I have loved everything else I have read by her - these just didn't have enough story for me.
I try to do my reviews with the WWW theory.
W: Why did I pick it up? I picked these up because I love her stuff and thought I would try them.  (Why did I read all three when I wasn't loving them? Because I wanted to see if there was more story in the next one, and then the next one).
W: What did I like about it? I love the characters.  Moira Rogers always builds a character that pretty much demands that you like her.  The men are always gorgeous and the women are always strong.
W: What didn't I like about it? I didn't like that I thought there was too much sex and not enough story.
Although these weren't my favorite reads of the summer - I will still grab the next Moira Rogers book I see and read that too!

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