Sunday, March 7, 2010

39 Clues

This post is just a heads up for those of you who are looking for a book with "a little bit more" for your readers. I would say it is for young readers, upper elementary through early high school age - but a friend and I both go here and love it. We are well above that age group.

The books I am talking about are the 39 Clues. It is a book series from Scholastic. The series currently has 8 books, but there will be 10. The books all build upon each other. The main characters are two young children, Amy and Dan Cahill, and they are on a hunt for 39 clues. The hunt takes them all over the world, the winner becomes the most powerful, influencial person on the planet. The catch is that the whole Cahill family, there are four branches in the family filled with famous people from the past, are also searching for the clues.

The website links the books with clues, puzzles, and games on the internet. The site has missions for each book. Each book comes with collector cards, you can also buy card packs. You log your cards, solve the puzzles, and collect the clues.

The opportunity to play games on the computer is enough to get some kids to check out the books, the story keeps them going. I love the idea of combining books, card collecting, and technology! It gives us the chance to reach so many more kids than any one of the three alone!

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