Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thing 36: Comic Relief

Everyone must have thought it was time for a break because this things is called comic relief!

Useful Generators:
CutePDF is one that I use a lot. I tend to recommend it to others when they are looking to put documents onto their sites as it is a free download and it is very user friendly.

BigHugeLabs is a wonderful, fun site that I tend to use quite a bit. I learned about it in 23 Things and have been telling people about it since.

I also love, I used that site for the picture in my last post.

Imagegenerator: this one could become a time sink for sure - very fun.

CitationMachine is a tool that is readily used at our school by many students. I have often wondered how much easier research papers would have been when I was in school if we had had access to these kinds of tools.

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